Angular Universal SEO – Search Engine Optimization

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In this lesson, we are going to go over how to use Angular Universal to optimize our application for search engines (SEO – Search Engine Optimization).

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  1. guram guram says:

    I don’t understand only one thing.Why we are building 2 apps, client and server app?

    • Angular University says:

      Hello Guram, we are actually building two different builds of nearly the exact same application, but passing it different renderers via dependency injection. So its the same app and two builds – one for the server for on the fly rendering, and the other on the client that is going to take over the application after bootstrapping itself upon page load. Let me know if this helps to better understand what is going on, KR Vasco

  2. Lars Rye Jeppesen says:

    Love this – thank you

  3. edric dang says:


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