Ecwid Vs Woocommerce – SEO Features Product Attributes Tags Categories and URLs

The Webmaster Presents Ecwid Vs Woocommerce – this video looks at the SEO Features of Ecwid and Woocommerce – regarding the Product Attributes, Product Tags, Product Categories, and How SEO friendly are their respective URLs – This is actually Round 3 of the Ecwid Vs. Woocommerce series, but part 1 and 2 are yet to be uploaded, due to the fact they were made as written blogposts, and need to be recreated as Video Screencasts. Till now, Ecwid is down three rounds to one. The previous 2 rounds will be created and uploaded soon. Ecwid is a great ecommerce solution which i would recommend above Big Commerce, Shopify, etsy, Ebay or any otgher such overpriced crap, but having said this, Woo commerce is the superior solution for all who are able to webmaster with fluency. if you dont know how to code at all and have no true experience in webmastery, fiddling around and hacking things to suit your needs, then Ecwid is definitely the choice above Woocommerce.. But for those who know how to Webmaster in all its facets, from theme hacking, seo, shortcodes, and a bit of php and plenty of html, and are familiar with structuring a website in a complex manner, then Woocommerce is the best solution in the world today. And it differs from ecwid and the rest in the fact that is it COST FREE in its basic form. I am managine to use it without any paid addons or plugins, and it is serving my purposes at least as well as Ecwid.. in fact, a lot better! So this proves you don’t need to spend a penny to have a cutting edge online store up and running that has powerful SEO, and extensive functuonality and features..

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  1. The Webmaster says:

    One other issue about ecwid is if you see at 3:30 minutes you may notice that ‘temple of origin’ has ‘necromancy… etc’, instead of the name of tempe (wat nong grub)! That is not my mistake.. This is because Ecwid xxxcked up my attributes after an update, swopping ‘type of amulet’ attribute for ‘temple of origin’ and all the data got inverted and swapped! I complained to them, and they swapped it back.. only thing was, i had added 1000 more products before noticing it, and so when they swapped it back, they xxxcked up the 1000 products i had added since the messup
    One more reason i would advise to stay away from ecwid, as they constantly update, and sometimes mess up the databases, and they give complacent replies instead of apologies and excuse themself with complacency.. they cannot fix my messed up attributes, and so the messup is there forever unless if go thorugh all the 4000 ++ products in my stgore and re-edit them manually! Thanks a bunch Ecwid for your incompetence

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