How To Analyze A Niche Affiliate Site & SERP – SEO Tutorial

I’ll be showing you how I analyse an affiliate niche SERP and it’s top ranking pages to see how much it’d cost and take to rank #1, as well as how much profit you’d likely make from it.

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I hope you enjoy this video.

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  1. Dan BB says:

    Great video! Any advice on where to buy aged/premium domains at a reasonable price? Thank You

  2. G3Steve says:

    Charles, another great vid. How do you do “proper analysis to find the hidden pbn’s”? I’ve been trying to figure out my competitors’ hidden pbn’s for years!

  3. Adrian Danila says:

    Thanks for the video Charles. Great stuff as always.

  4. TGB Bean Salsa says:

    Loving the increase in videos Charles, keep it up mate!

  5. lakshman teja says:

    OMG !!! I just found about that offer two days back and a case study about the same is awesome 😂😂

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