How To Fully Optimize Your Videos On YouTube Step 1 of 9 – Video Title

Did you know there were 9 steps to have a fully search engine optimized video on YouTube? This video explains step 1 of 9, optimizing your video title. Please reach out to us for any marketing services you may need-

A YouTube title can have up to 100 characters and even though that may seem long, its an opportunity to add more search phrases. We have found the optimal number is around 70 seconds.
You’ll want to keep your titles organized by separating the ideas with dashes or other separation icons.

Downloading the free Google Chrome extension Tubebuddy will really help you track your characters and you can find the download link here-

Instead of thinking about what the video is talking about, think about what people will be searching for, to in hopes land on this video.

This is step 1 of 9 for video optimization on YouTube.

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