Learn SEO: Free SEO Training & SEO Tutorial for Beginners (2018)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important.

This is part 1 of SEO Training and in this video, we are going to Learn SEO basics.

Google looks for 3 Tiers of information (on a larger scale) in the process it decides to show your website on the first page.

All the SEO activities you do, fall into 3 Tiers that need to answer 3 questions for Google:
– Does your website/blog post exist?
– What is the website/blog/blog post about?
– How credible is the content?

All the SEO activities you would do, need to cater around answering these 3 questions for Google

In this tutorial, I share how to go about doing that.
What is the difference between Keyword & search query &
What is the difference between Black Hat SEO & White Hat SEO

Use this SEO tutorial as a starting point when you begin your SEO practices. And it will keep your tasks in check and keep on you optimizing your website for SEO in best possible way.


  1. Raymass Busybrainz says:

    Hi Mr Vishal am glad that I’ve subscribed to your channel so I get every video you do. My question today is a bit off today’s topic I hope you don’t mind! For you to have a successful Google analytics does it mean you need to also have Google Adwords to create traffic to your website and how does the two combination work?! Thank you so much and from today’s video I’ve learnt a lot about SEO which I knew little about. Asanti sana!

    • vishal kalia says:

      Hi, thank you for your kind words.

      You don’t need Google Adwords to get maximum out of Google Analytics. They are separate.

      Google Adwords: only need it when you want to run adwords campaigns.

      Google Analytics: It shows you where people are coming from to your site, what pages they are clicking on etc. You could be getting traffic from Facebook, Blog posts, Affiliates etc. it would show up in Google Analytics.

  2. rattlethecagenow says:

    thanks for the tips. Understanding about 3 Tiers makes it so much clear for SEO activities as I start doing SEO for my blog

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