Migrating Your Blog to Showit | SEO Considerations

Moving your Blog to Showit? Here are some SEO considerations…

The goal of a SEO migration is to give Google little indication that the key SEO components of a site/blog have changed when you change platforms (CMS) in order to maintain or improve SEO rankings and performance.

Moving the SEO settings from one CMS to another while maintaining (or improving) SEO rankings and performance.
Step 1: Analyze your Current Site & SEO Settings
Step 2: Analyze your New Site & SEO Settings
Step 3: Implement SEO Settings on New Site
Step 4: Test, Track, and Report

SEO Migration:
-Ensures consistent permalink URL structure, new sitemap, maintain H1-H6 structure, SEO plugins, 301 (if changing domains), schema, OG tags, footers, robots.txt, WordPress settings


Blog Migration (By Showit):
-Move blog image (kinda), text, links, post title, page titles, meta descriptions (sometimes), URL extensions
-Not moved – plugins (Yoast), Google analytics, footer, H1 structure, robots.txt, schema, OG, featured images, conversion tracking
-Not done – 301 redirects (as needed), submit new sitemap, permalink (URL) structure, change of address for to Google (if changing domains)

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