SEO Bangla Tutorial by Md Faruk Khan [Updated Version] | Class-6

This is Md Faruk Khan’s SEO Live Class video tutorial for all SEO lovers. If you follow all the videos in my channel then you’ll get a sound knowledge on Search Engine Optimization techniques.

In this video tutorial I’ll tell you about those topics:
★ URL/Permalink optimization
★ Meta Tag optimization
★ Image optimization

► URL Optimization:

A SEO friendly URL’s should’ve the follow qualities-

1. Try to make your url short. Like: if I’m writing an article about latest on-page SEO techniques 2016 then my preferable url should be or

2. URL must contain your targeted keywords, like here my targeted keyword is on-page seo.

3. Avoid ugly url structure, that don’t have any meaning. Like:

4. Avoid long url or more forward slash (/) in url structure:

5. Try to make meaning full url like on-page-seo.html (hyphens always fine for urls word separator)

In this your, you can create a fully optimized and SEO friendly and more over user friendly URL’s structure.

► Meta Description

At the end of November, SEOs noticed an increase in the length of Google search snippets well above the previous 155 character limit.
I am now recommending a new meta description length limit of 320 characters with a target range between 280 and 300 characters.

► Image Optimization
You should follow those steps to make your image Search engine friendly.

● You should create unique image or collect image from free image sources like

● Rename your image properly, use (-) dash, not spaces
● Complete EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) data.
● Resize your Image
● User Title Text and Alt Text for all image that you upload in your website.


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