SEO Benefits from Affiliate Links, Refunds & Clawbacks – Part 4 – Ep #47

Let’s start with how affiliate links can help your SEO efforts – especially when the affiliate links have your domain in them.

As you know, the number of incoming links to your web site is an essential part of SEO. The more incoming links you have, the more “popular” Google believes your web site to be, and the higher your site shows in search results. Sure, “do-follow” is better than “no-follow”. But no-follow links are still way better than no links at all! And that’s where having an in-house affiliate program – like the built-in affiliate module that (DAP) comes with – can be such a HUGE advantage over, say, a third-party affiliate program like with ClickBank.

Now, there definitely are some advantages to using a third-party affiliate program like ClickBank – like getting access to their built-in network of affiliates. But remember that just because you sell through ClickBank does not mean you’re going to get all of them – or even most of them – to promote your product. You will still need to promote your program to recruit any of them. So I don’t recommend using ClickBank just because you think all those affiliates will promote you. There are other real benefits to using ClickBank, which I will be addressing in an upcoming part of this affiliate series.

So, unless you’re already making 5 or 6 figures a month, having an in-house affiliate program can give you a huge advantage.

Then I talk about Refunds and Clawbacks.

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