SEO For Beginners – SEO Meta Tags, URL Structure and Hierarchy

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Lets talk about a few simple things to do on your site to make Google love you. We’ll use our own sexy costume demo site as an example.

First, Google loves Title tags and they show up everywhere! The title tag is located in the head of an html page, so you don’t see it on the page, but Google sees it. Google sees everything. Google usually uses this title tag in search results as the first line, they also show up on browser tabs like this (gesture), and when you bookmark something, the title is used.

Let’s break down what you want out of a title tag. First it needs to describe what is actually on your web page. They need to be unique for each page, just like snowflakes, every one should be different and special. For instance, if you had a costume page of sexy firefighting and law enforcement costumes, that page title could be sexy public safety costumes.

Keep it brief and easy to read with important phrases at the front. Phrases people you want to find your site are searching for. We’ll show how to figure out what phrases to use later in this course, with keyword research.

Next is the description meta tag. This describes the pages content in a little more detail than the title tag. It also shows up in search results as the description like this. And, like the title tag, it should be unique for every page. But don’t write a damn soliloquy. Keep it brief.

Next you want your site to be organized. The better your site is organized, the better Google Bot crawls your content. You need a good hierarchy, which is reflected in your navigation and URL structure. Let’s do an example with our sexy costume site. We have a main costumes page where the url ends with ‘sexy-costumes’, then we’d also have a navigation link to that page in our main menu. Of course there are sub genres of sexy costumes, like healthcare, or historical, including classics like sexy nurse, or the always offensive sexy native american.

Now these categories would also be reflected in some kind of menu system, either on the side bar (beat) or a drop down menu. Its also good to have keywords in the URL related to the page content.

One rule to structure URL’s correctly is too think about what would happen if a user removed part of the url. If a user does, they should get navigated to a page within the hierarchy of your site, not 404 page not found error.

Those are a few of the things you can do, there’s tons more. We’ll put more tips in the description. Next we’ll talk about some great SEO tools.

Keep watching, I promise it’s worth it.

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