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This is answering one of the questions I received about SEO for constructions…

Pay attention to the amount of money you should be paying for SEO, and even if you rank on Google and get tons of traffic, why you still may NEVER get any new customers with this one common mistake!


  1. Kennie Cameron says:

    thankyou this is very helpful i will call you. just to clear some things up the ranking wasnt on key words it was on the website as a whole SEO, performance, security, mobile friendly as a whole my website was graded higher and recently iv added a blog and about page and free quotation. Iv been fitting and designing fire sprinkler systems for 6 years now im accredited but the company is new not even a year old so the main thing i do as i dont have the name behind me is cut the prices and tell my potential clients that whatever there quote is ill beat it as i have no overheads once again can’t thank you enough its nice to have a professional opinion and someone who interacts with their viewers

    • Kennie Cameron says:

      So yeah I do do it remotely I think it just needs time as the website been up for about 5 months and the sea company has only been working on it for about 2 months now other than that I’m thinking about pay to click but worried about the cost being uncontrollable :/

    • Local Contractor Blueprint says:

      Kennie Cameron how long does it take you to design a system?

    • Kennie Cameron says:

      Local Contractor Blueprint no the way I quote / design a job is they will send me drawing of the building in PDF format or .Dwg so I can design the system using a program called auto CAD every job varies depending on the specifics of the the size and category of the building so each project has to be designed before I can quote but the smaller job I can give a rough estimate so a far as the website go it’s purely to put them in touch with me it feels a bit static

    • Local Contractor Blueprint says:

      Your site currently ranks 93 for the term “sprinkler systems London”… I’d be careful and make sure that whoever is doing your SEO understands that you’re a fire sprinkler company, not a landscaper 🙂

      Other than that, I don’t see any other movement for you…

      Let me ask you this… Do you need to be on site to design/bid a job? Or is there a way that you can do it remotely? I’m a firm believer that most contractors can bid remotely… I ask because I think you can spice up your initial offer…

    • Kennie Cameron says:

      Local Contractor Blueprint also I’m still updating it so the drop down box isn’t working at the moment and I need to add content to the blog section

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