SEO tutorial for beginners in Hindi 2018

SEO tutorial for beginners in Hindi

Today in this video I am talking about SEO for a website and what are the few 1st steps you should take care about SEO and ranking on google

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1st don’t just write any if you want high traffic, write things that you wanna write but in the way the people are searching for
eg: this video I have not title this video as SEO Tips or Seo lecture, i wrote ad SEO tutorial for beginners in Hindi similarly do content for your website

2nd Page loading speed, most of the SEO engineer or learner don’t focus on this, but its very important to start

3rd Edit your meta tags and title that are for most important for of seo.

4th in all my seo tutorials and specially for biggner i ask the to learn about Webmaster tool , submit a site mat reguarly check search queries and modify content for it

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