“tapouts” – The Future of Local Mobile Advertising & Automated Local SEO

Discover how to create a Buzz with Local Mobile Advertising to rule across social networks & automatically rank on 1st Page of Google local search results. As 3 Billion mobiles tap a Trillion times a day & with 5 Billion daily searches ” We recommend Brands & Locations to Mobile Users. www.whatslocaltoday.com/tapouts

Tapouts are The Game Changer – Brands chasing Fans now Reversed. All Digital Content, Local Branding, Local Search & Local Social Media Optimised, Integrated & Automated

Imagine never having to pay again for a new Website or making a Video or Social Media or Local SEO. Now, you only pay to engage your best clients on Mobiles and the rest of the stuff just happen.This is how tapouts are disrupting the market.

tapouts are Local Mobile Videos created, promoted & recommended by “whats local today” www.whatslocaltoday.com/tapouts

No Cloud – No DIY – Targeted – Pay/View – Automated SEO. Fully Integrated & Managed Mobile Advertising EcoSystem that delivers integrated & automated Local SEO, Local SMO & Local Brand Promotion

Future of Local Search, Local Content Local Advertising & Local Social Media is 100% Mobile. As 3 Billion Mobiles tap a Trillion times a Day, do you want your Local Brand & Local Search rankings to grow Automatically?

Mobile Advertising is all about placing your products or services in front of the right audience in the right locations where the mobile users are. This is the key to building a successful Brand story today & this is where tapouts are extremely powerful. Mobile Advertising done right can create the best local engagement for your Brand. If you want to advertise your business on mobile with the help of social videos targeted to users based on their location then the answer you are looking for is tapouts. tapouts are 100% pay per view and the best mobile advertising strategy available today for local businesses who are looking for an integrated advertising solution maximize return on investment from every marketing £1 they invest today.

The most successful local Mobile Advertising campaigns start with amazing video content. Content marketing today is all about communicating a simple message with a video distributed via social network. Mobile Advertising done on social networks yield the best results when the videos are promoted by a third party network like “whats local today”.

tapouts Mobile Advertising with pay per view videos, today is the best way to create a wow factor among audience in a mobile 1st world. tapouts Mobile Advertising enables Brands & Location to target audiences on the basis of the value and location of their mobile devices they are using within each target territory while being certain of the behavioural responses from them.

Send Tapouts if you want:

– Ensure you only pay to reach your target audience
– Rank on Page 1 of Google in your Location
– To create buzz locally about your business, brand or online store?
– To stop blowing your own trumpet on social media?
– To make targeted fans chase your Business or Brand?
– To engage with your best prospects and local customers?
– To never pay for content in content marketing?
– To only pay for promoting your digital content and not making it?
– To advertise on mobile social networks?
– To never pay for social media management or optimization?
– To get someone to manage your digital and social assets for free?
– To get a video made for your business’s or brand’s website?
– To do video advertising without paying upfront video costs?
– To get a website or App built for free and only pay for web traffic?
– To go viral via mobile social networks?
– To pay for video ads on results only?
– To pay per view only for Mobile Social Video Ads?
– To understand how mobile social video ads work?
– To work with a network that provides you content and charges on view?
– To work with a network which provides guaranteed results from your chosen audiences?
– To never pay for digital content creation?
– To only pay for digital content promotion?
– To never have to pay for social media management & optimization?
– To never have to pay for websites creations and maintenance again?
– To get recommended to your ideal audience?
– To reach targeted social news feeds on mobiles.

Mobile Advertising Industry started last year when for the 1st time we became a Mobile Class world. Well you see this we believe is very important point in history where Fans and Brands need to stop and act not just think. Are the habits, ways, strategies and systems we carried from Desktop Class Environment still simple enough for all of us.

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